We don't break our student information system into modules, and then charge extra for certain functionalities. You get ALL of our features for one very affordable price.


Classified Ads

Works like a bulletin board for parents and students to view Parents can post items for sale or services to render Includes anything from garage sales, animals, vehicles, general help, etc.

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News Articles

Appear on the homescreen for all to see. Contain pertinent information for students and parents. Show a view count of how many times each article has been read. Search and archive for past articles. Documents can be attached to the article, and readily available to download or print.

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School and Class Calendars

Students can see when assignments, tests, and projects are due. Parents will see school events, closings, holidays, etc. Can be viewed by month, week, or day.

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Flash News

Breaking news or updates will scroll across home screen. Alerts parents and students with vital information. Can include school closings, music auditions, updates with sports teams, etc.

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School Information

Carpool dates and times are organized by parents. Parent/Teacher conferences can be set up by parents. Service logs are updated and managed for students or families volunteering. Keep track of news and events for sports teams.

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School and Class Documents

All types of online documents are able to be stored for convenience. Parents can find important documents such as:  newsletters, school supply lists, fundraising information, etc. Parents can also access documents pertaining to their student’s class(es). Students are able to access and download tests, assignments, and homework.

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Online Payments

Parents can use one of the integrated payment processors to make online payments. Make online payments for tuition, sports fees, fundraisers, lunches, etc. Payment summaries and invoices can be created by the school.

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Use Sycamore’s family directory to get in touch with other families. Parents can choose what contact information displays for their family. The employee directory allows students and families to be in contact with teachers and staff. Class directory gives information on class name and description.

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Diocesan Manager


  • Real-time access to Diocesan-wide data/statistics
  • Manage student data/statistics from all schools
  • Manage and collect staff data from all schools
  • Simplify NCEA reporting
  • Included at no charge to the Diocesan office

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Student & Family Demographics


  • Easily create customized reports with the exact data you need
  • Create, track and manage an unlimited number of statistics
  • Simplify and streamline state reporting

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